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Adult Faith Formation

In Adult Faith Formation we move toward a healthy and integrated understanding of our faith, which includes the study of scripture, our faith through the sacraments, various forms of prayer, liturgy and the commandments, Through all this, we ask the question: How can we further the Kingdom of God on earth and, our ultimate goal - eternal life?

Adult Education has a special thrust as we strive to provide a multifaceted approach toward faith formation. These aspects describe some major dimensions of our adult faith formation at Christ the King . We are convinced that effective adult faith formation will make our efforts in all [educational] initiatives more fruitful because an adult community whose faith is well-formed and lively will more effectively pass that faith on to the next generation.

Why does one person spend a lifetime in discovery, in questioning, in searching for meaning in life that is ultimately found in the quest to know and love and serve God? Why does another person seem to graduate" from such a journey as a child or adolescent and take an early retirement from probing the riches of our faith heritage?

The goal of catechesis is mature adult faith lived out in every aspect of life. Maturation is a life-long, personal search for meaning that begins with birth, travels through stages and critical turning points, and ends when life is finished. It tends to be inner-directed, but the journey is shaped and assisted by others along the way. That's where the parish can provide opportunities and means for all adults to grow in knowledge, faith and relationships.

Adults come in all shapes and sizes. Our lives are complex; our needs and interests, unique. Too often, those planning faith formation opportunities for adults have bought into the "one size fits all" syndrome. Disappointment is inevitable when a well-planned event is poorly attended. What was planned and presented was probably a quality program -- for a segment of the parish. There was nothing wrong with the event, but to plan only for those who enjoy that type of program or who are free to attend is to think too small. The lack of leisure time diminishes the ability of many adults to participate in traditional adult education programs. Today, families seek to grow in relationships and spirituality together, and sometimes resent those things -- even well-intentioned -- that pull them apart on evenings or weekends. What is needed is a wider vision and a master plan that will provide an opportunity for everyone, at every stage of life, to grow in faith. A line in "The Music Man" reminds us: "You gotta know the territory!" A parish is made up of many lifestyles and age groups.

Here, at Christ the King Parish, we endeavour to vary our Adult Faith Formation Program. Thus scripture studies, studies on the faith, discussion groups, Parish Missions, guest speakers, and regular prayer/study groups form the nucleus of our attempts. This is all created for YOUR benefit. You are asked - encouraged - to please take advantage of any or ALL of the forms of strengthening your faith offered to you.

Everyone is encouraged to talk with the Coordinator about aspects or suggestions for adult faith formation in our parish community. Don't forget - we are all in this together.



Are you old enough to know that learning about your faith takes a lifetime?

Are you old enough to recognize where God has been in the twists and turns of your life's journey?

Are you old enough to have tasted the goodness of the Lord and hunger for more?

Then you're old enough to claim your legacy!

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Mona Goodman: 306-381-6456

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