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The Catholic Women’s League

Who are we?

We are a diverse group of committed, multi-talented women in the Parish who come together to share and grow our faith, and to do good works.  [Read more …]

The CWL is an oasis for Catholic women in an increasingly secular world.

What do we do?

We pool our time, talents, resources and efforts to serve God, our Parish, our Comox Valley community, our province and our country, while adhering to the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel.  Our motto?  “For God and Canada”.  [Read more …]

In short, we serve the needs of our Parish and our world.

How do we serve?

We present ideas, inform and make decisions at our monthly meetings.  Our Executive is elected from our membership, and serves a 2-year term to provide organization and direction to our endeavours.

Our work is accomplished through committees, and their reports are a key part of our meetings.  Our committees address key areas of interest and concern for Catholic women in the Comox Valley.  [Read more …]

We also work in teams, each bearing the name of a precious jewel, to assist at funerals and Parish events. 

When and

Where do we meet?

We meet monthly through the fall, winter and spring, in the Assisi Hall, to listen, learn, participate, and enjoy each other’s company.  While our meeting date is fixed – the first Tuesday of the month -- our meeting times fluctuate as we try to meet the varying needs of our members.  [See our meeting schedule …]

Why should I join?

Because YOU CAN make a difference for the better in this world!

YOU CAN be inspired by our spiritual programs, which open each meeting; our Chairpersons and guest speakers can inspire as well.

YOU CAN add your voice and support to a national body of Catholic women who promote awareness of human rights and social justice, and respond to political and social issues that affect ALL Canadians.

YOU CAN offer both welcome and comfort to the vulnerable, the needy, and the marginalized in our Valley and in our society.

YOU CAN take an active role in creating resolutions that are presented to government, on issues that impact families and communities here and abroad.

YOU CAN improve your organizational and leadership skills through CWL training programs and workshops, and through service opportunities.

How do I Join?

You can become a member if you are a Catholic woman, age 16 or over.  Each member pays an annual membership fee (“dues”) of $30.00 – if you cannot afford that, please let us know.

Click here to view and print a copy of the membership application form.

Here’s what you receive as a member … [read more]

Interested, but… ?

Please feel free to contact us … or call an Executive member.


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