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At each Saturday evening Mass and Sunday morning 10:30 Mass, from September to late June, we invite the children to participate in the Liturgy of the Word for Children. They are welcome to come with or without a parent, as sometimes they feel more comfortable if a parent joins them for the first few times until it becomes a familiar routine. No child should feel forced to attend. This is an invitation to join us and is certainly up to the individual families to decide. We have a warm, enthusiastic team of leaders and assistants who commit, on a rotating schedule, their time, energy, creativity and love of God’s word to the children. Once they are in the lower hall, after a blessing from the priest, the children are divided into two groups in two separate areas. The younger group, ages three to five, are situated in the Francis room, and the older group of ages six to eight in the Kateri Room. We are not rigid about these age groups of course, they are just a guideline. Any child who wishes to join the group will be welcome to participate. Older siblings sometimes accompany a younger sibling, and we also have a few pre-teens who are eager to assist the teachers with the Liturgy.

What is the Liturgy of the Word for Children?

The Liturgy of the Word for children is just what the title states. The Mass is celebrated with the children present; they are only invited downstairs to hear the Word of the Lord at a level appropriate to their age and level of maturity. They will return to their families after the Creed. While the young children are downstairs for their own Liturgy, they hear the Gospel message through songs, actions, visuals, talks and participation in an activity. The older group of children are introduced to the ritual actions and responses during the Liturgy, hearing the Gospel at a level easy for them to understand but always staying true to the Gospel. An interactive reflection is given by the leader, followed by discussion of what the Gospel message means to them in their daily lives today. When time allows, we sing “Yes, We Believe”, a profession of faith song (Creed) followed by prayers of the faithful. After a signal to return, the children are led back quietly during the collection, to their families upstairs to participate in the remainder of the Mass. We do try to encourage the children to return quietly but we must not expect total silence as this is unnatural for children. Children feel joyful returning to their parents!

What are the Qualities of the Leaders?

   • exhibit a warm, caring attitude towards children

   • have a well developed prayer and faith life, especially the ability to pray spontaneously

   • have a love and enthusiasm for the Bible

   • have communication skills, i.e, good voice projection, ability to articulate, ability to tell stories

   • appreciate the natural capacity of children to display wonder and awe

   • be willing to make a dedicated commitment to share their talents and time

Many parents already have these characteristics and therefore are quality candidates. If you wish to join our team of volunteers for 20 minutes a week of your time, or wish to volunteer as an assistant, please contact Parish Office


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